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Our people, culture and amazing leadership team create an innovative environment that sees us take on any new challenge with gusto.

Advanced Applicators is a wholly New Zealand owned company specialising in the design and installation of Passive Fire Protection systems and products. The company was formed in 2006 by Jeff and Bruce Mills. Jeff remains the Managing Director and Bruce is enjoying a well-deserved retirement.

We have links to multiple suppliers in the industry, meaning we can source and install systems specific to your project requirements. Our goal is to resolve our client’s Fire Protection requirements in the most cost-effective way that meets or exceeds the stated fire rating.

Company Culture

At Advanced Applicators we strive to operate via our Core Values and every process we have in place can be referred to them. We have them on prominent display in our offices and on all our larger projects.

Our Core Values are a key element of our Company Culture, fostering a positive working environment and setting the expectation for all our employees.

Our staff are our greatest asset; we believe in having a good time at work, investing in development and giving everyone the opportunity to become the best person they can be. We look for hidden potential, recognising people’s strengths and offer opportunities for our team to progress into other areas of the business that suit their skillset best.

Advanced Applicators believe in a society where all are paid fairly for the work they do. We believed in the living wage before the phrase was coined and have paid all new employees above that rate since the business started. We continue to follow that trend to this day all new employees starting on approximately 7% more per hour than the NZ living wage.

Company Initiatives

  • Monthly toolbox meetings: Our team comes together once a month for a valuable chance to catch up with each other as with 35+ guys out and about we wouldn’t otherwise see one another.
    • Each month we award the Employee of the Month
    • We have food and beverages provided – food trucks are our current fave!
    • Sometimes we have fun activities like a pub type quiz or team challenges
    • We’ve raised money for various charities – we had a Blue Do for prostate cancer
  • Monthly Newsletter: Information is key! We send this out with all sorts of titbits including procedure updates, who to call, funnies, good news stories etc
  • Health and Wellbeing: All team members have access to EAP (Employment Assistance Programme) Services as they require it. 
  • International employees: We have had employees from all over the world and currently have a good number of permanent immigrant workers. We really enjoy the diversity they add to our workforce and find that they integrate well into our workforce and quickly become popular, valued employees.

Team Culture

We pride ourselves on our Team Culture and enjoy getting together every few weeks for a Toolbox and a beer afterwards. Sometimes we even have fun games such as Pub Quizzes to allow everyone to spend quality time together and strengthen our team.

Our staff are our greatest asset; we believe in having a good time at work, investing in development and giving everyone the opportunity to become the best person they can be. We look for hidden potential, recognising people’s strengths and offer opportunities for our team to progress into other areas of the business that suit their skillset best.

We also support our staff in other ways: All team members have access to EAP (Employment Assistance Programme) Services as they require it. We pay all staff starting out with us a minimum of the Living Wage.

Employment Opportunities

We are always keen to hear from people who would like to work for us. As we are working in a relatively niche area of the construction industry, we do find it hard to employ people that are trained or have experience in Passive Fire. With this being the case we provide all necessary training before we send you out onto sites.

If you are interested in becoming part of the team, the first step is to send a current CV to our General Manager, Fleur at fleur@advancedapplicators.co.nz

If you have any prior experience in Passive Fire we would like to talk to you about positions we might be looking for.


Our Management Team

Jeff Mills: Managing Director

Mobile: 027 494 0541

Email jeff@advancedapplicators.co.nz

As Managing Director, Jeff can spend more time on the business and less time in it. He is now able to step away slightly from the nuts ‘n bolts of the day to day operations to concentrate on special projects that until now was not possible.

Recently Jeff has been working on a Passive Fire bible which will encompass what we think will provide the best QA in New Zealand. He has an unparalleled knowledge of the Passive Fire Industry from a practical point of view and along with his team is still able to provide a solution for the most complex situations that arise daily.

Fleur Mills: General Manager

Mobile: 021 939 171

Email: fleur@advancedapplicators.co.nz

Fleur has recently moved into the role as General Manager. Her background is varied but was always working towards a position of this kind. Her passion lies in creating a positive team culture and developing a motivated team that works together for a common goal.

Outside of work her life is plentiful with 3 teenage boys who like to keep her busy as a driver, cook and taxi (she secretly loves it) and when she isn’t hanging out with her new husband she is very happy with a glass of Chardonnay and a natter.

Vanessa Kelland: Sales & Pricing Manager

Mobile: 021 913 502

Email: vanessa@advancedapplicators.co.nz

Vanessa’s main objective is to ensure our clients can trust that Advanced Applicators truly are the leaders in Passive Fire Protection: that we deliver, exceed their expectations, and most importantly, that they receive compliance on time and without hassle.

Vanessa works closely with our Managing Director throughout the tendering and methodology process and her attention to detail ensures that she delivers.

In Vanessa’s own words – “What I love about working at Advanced Applicators is the environment and the culture. The team all work well together, help one another out without question and everyone is always having a laugh!”

In her spare time, she enjoys going to the gym. Heavy weight training is her passion and she can’t get enough! She is also continually upskilling herself: Vanessa is currently studying part time towards a Diploma in Construction Management with strands in Quantity Surveying.

Scott Gerrand: Senior Project &Technical Manager

Mobile: 021 992 841

Email: scott@advancedapplicators.co.nz

Scotty has worked in the PFP industry for 12 years and for Advanced Applicators for nearly 8 of those.  His technical abilities are second to none and he is absolutely our ‘go to’ guy for anything that needs problem solving or has a tricky application. His knowledge and attention to detail make him invaluable and he demands the best from his staff. Scotty’s straight-talking style and genuine passion for his job make him very popular with all the staff and he is a huge asset to Advanced Applicators.

Outside of work his interests are his family, keeping fit and old school cars.

Geoff McGlashan: Senior Project Manager

Mobile: 027 2888 199

Email: geoff@advancedapplicators.co.nz

Geoff is widely known as our ‘go to’ guy. There is nothing he can’t fix or solve. In his previous life Geoff has a lot of experience running his own business and therefore has invaluable insight into getting work done in the most efficient way for the client. His loyalty and commitment is second to none and is a huge asset to the team.

Outside of work he is a devoted family man and spends hours tinkering in his garage keeping his son’s Super Saloon race car chequered flag ready.

Brent Skinner: Project Manager

Mobile: 021 945 216

Email: brent@advancedapplicators.co.nz

Brent joined us about 4 years ago having a complete change from the printing industry which he had worked in his whole career. It was evident early on that his skills with people and his positive, can-do attitude would make him an exceptional Project Manager, which he certainly is. Nothing is a problem for Brent, and he hits the right note with both our people and the companies that he works with.

Occasionally Brent relives his glory days on the softball pitch at the weekends as well as spending time with his family. He always has the next fishing trip planned although I don’t know that we have ever seen a picture of him holding a fish!

Sam Smith: Protective Coatings Manager

Mobile: 022 094 2462

Email: sam@advancedapplicators.co.nz

Sam has been around Passive Fire for half of his life, in fact he was the first person Jeff ever employed! He still finds joy in what he does, and we wouldn’t be without his cheeky grin and constant positivity.

Sam is another success story in terms of coming off the tools and performing a crucial role in running our Protective Coatings division. He was working in intumescent paint side of the business for about 6 years and showed a lot of potential in the more technical aspects, so he is now responsible for the take offs, pricing, scheduling and manning of the paint crew.

Sue-Ellen Vaatuitui: Office & QA Manager

Mobile: 021 169 5689 

Email: office@advancedapplicators.co.nz

Sue-Ellen is always busy! Inside and outside of work she is a dynamo. There really is no title to describe her as she has her fingers in so many pies and multitasking is her middle name. As well as the day-to-day activities of running the financials in a sizeable business, Sue-Ellen has also been championing a new computerised QA system and she often spends hours at home in the evenings working on extra tasks.

While work is busy enough, she also has 3 young and busy children … busy, busy, busy! Did I mention she also plays A Grade netball?

James Hawkins: Sales Representative

Mobile: 021 222 0194

Email: james@advancedapplicators.co.nz

James started with Advanced Applicators as an Installer and worked onsite at the University for 2 and a half years. He quickly became a Supervisor and was looking forward to Project Management when he was tapped on the shoulder for Sales. His nature and attitude made him a perfect choice for this role.

James works on quoting jobs, pursuing future work in the Christchurch and Wellington region and supporting the rest of the sales team where needed.

He is also a newlywed, enjoys golf and supporting the Warriors

Charlotte Bennett-Robertson: Contracts Administrator

Mobile: 021 247 8429

Email: charlotte@advancedapplicators.co.nz

Charlotte is our newest employee at Advanced Applicators. She seriously stepped outside of her comfort zone after discovering an interest in the Construction industry whilst working in Commercial Property Finance. Her role is still developing to reflect the needs of our business, but her strength lies in her attention to detail, data analysis, and organisation. She compiles our tenders, assists in the preparation of methodologies and ensures execution of project administration.

Outside of work, Charlotte loves walking her dog, reading and enjoying a glass of wine with friends.


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