What is Passive Fire Protection

The purpose of Passive Fire Protection (PFP) is to contain the spread of fire for sufficient time to permit people within the building to exit safely; and for the fire service to control the fire before it spreads within the building or to neighbouring properties.

We do this by installing systems around fire cells that remain dormant during normal conditions but activate under the conditions of a fire. These systems are designed into the fabric of the building through the use of fire separations.

After the review of the NZ Building Code, the standards for Passive Fire Protection have increased at a dramatic rate; meaning the installation methods and products have become more complex, making the need for engaging a specialist installer even more important. Advanced Applicators are the leading specialist installer and designers of passive fire protection systems in New Zealand. Our installations come with a full quality assurance process, and the systems come with a tested warranty to meet AS1530.4 so that you have confidence that all of your Passive Fire Compliance will be met.

The Cowboy Days are Over

Passive fire standards have risen dramatically over the last ten years, but we still see the likes of these examples in today’s buildings. Whether it be through a lack of understanding or just laziness, the days of just using the last collar in the van to get the job done are long gone.

We only use tested solutions from proven suppliers. Everything we install is backed up by extensive test data, ensuring compliance every time.


If you need to sort out your Passive Fire Protection to get compliance, we can help you now!

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