Fire Rated and Protective Coatings

In brief, what are Fire Rated and Protective Coatings, and how do they work?
  • Fire rated Coatings (also known as Intumescent Coatings) are applied to substrates and structural elements so that in the event of a fire, the building retains it’s structural integrity until people can safely exit the building, and/or the Fire Brigade can contain the fire.
  • When a fire starts, the Coatings are activated and swell in volume so that they encase the structural element, preventing the fire from burning it directly.
  • Fire Rated Coatings can protect structural elements for between 30-240 minutes, depending on their thickness and application. This is designated during the design process.

Advanced Applicators have been a leading applicator of Intumescent Coatings since 2002. We also pride ourselves on our ability to provide architectural finishes as required, and protective top coats for external locations.

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