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Fire Rated Service Penetrations

These include cable trays and ladders, plumbing services such as PVC pipes, steel services such as sprinkler pipes, cable bunches, ducting systems with dampers and blank holes and voids. We have a large variety of systems and products which allow us to achieve fire ratings from 30 minutes to 240 minutes for both fire rated partition wall and flooring systems.
Service penetration seals are individually catalogued with a label and serial number and these are placed on or near the penetration stating the service protected, fire rating, date of installation, basic product and contact details for AA in case of future upgrades. Producer statements and other deliverables are issued at the completion of a contract.


Intumescent Coatings

Intumescent Coatings and a wide range of fire rated boards to provide a fire rating to structural steel sections from 30 minute to 120 minute fire ratings.


Acoustically Rated Service Penetrations

We also have a variety of products useful to provide an acoustic rating for services penetratiing acoustically rated partition walls and floors


Fire Rated and Construction Sealants

We also install a wide range of fire rated and other construction sealants and mastics for both fire rated and architectural purposes. We have highly trained sealant applicators and carry out this type of work to a very high standard.


Fire Rated Linear Gap Seals and movement joints

We have a variety of systems available to provide fire rated and movement joint solutions for curtain walling systems, slab edge fire rating as well as other complex fire rated scenarios.


Firefly Fire Rated Seismic Barriers

Firefly is a flexible blanket material used for providing a permanent fire rated seismic barrier to most gap widths and movement requirements.


Fire Rated Mortars and Compounds

Fire rated mortars and compounds are used to provide a fire rating to large multiple service penetrations passing through fire rated flooring systems. Often service risers are used to route services from floor to floor in modern.

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